Saturday, March 12, 2011

Isolda cultivated her art since she was three years old and growing up on acres of exotic nature and tranquility next to her father Jose Guillermo Mora Noli, a master of cylindric constructivism and founder of the School of Cilindrismo.
Isolda's paintings reflect her two main influences, Cilindrismo and Nature. She has made her own style of expression which reflects both her early training at the School of Cilindrismo and her love of the beauty of her environment. Her art focuses on raw form and natural design.She has created twelve collection with subject matters as diverse as rainforests and women from another planet. 

Ruthie Tucker, the Executive Director and curator for the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York has reviewed Isolda's artworks and stated:

Our Curatorial Review Committee was deeply impressed by your expressionistic  Female Iconography  oeuvre from your"FANTASY GIRLS" Series, which emblematizes the Female artistic essence of life and explores the spontaneity and drama of Women in the world.  The visual intensity and psychological drama in your superb paintings reveal a timeless romantic perspective and passionately captures the excitement and visceral mystique of the Female silhouette. Your impassioned brushstrokes creatively encapsulate a sensuous and unique artistic vision with poignancy as it radiates a poetic artistic viewpoint. We enjoyed your sterling visual voyage with its lyrical, compelling composition which reflects a unique sensitive "Third Eye."  We salute you on your intriguing Female Portraits which convey the invisible within the visible of the Female Persona and seizes the essence of the emotional and physical experience  of women with a profound sensitivity.